What is the difference between Version 1 (Legacy) and Version 2 (Current) and how do I know the version my player?

The HTML5 Player PRO's current version is 2. It is what we are offering by default starting April 1, 2021.


Version 1 and Version 2 are virtually the same. Version 2 provides more robust options to be able to get as accurate data as it could from your radio server thus eliminating problems with atypical radio server settings that do not work with just providing a stream URL as contrary with version 1 (Legacy) which heavily relies on an SSL secured non-proxy Stream URL.

What is my player version?

If you've purchased the HTML5 Player PRO before April 1, 2021 and you didn't opt to upgrade to version 2, then you are still using version 1 (Legacy).

Support for Version 1 Legacy

The reason why we are still supporting version 1 (Legacy) is that there are a lot of clients that are generally happy and contented with it.

Why we cannot upgrade all the version 1 legacy to version 2 automatically? 

As stated on the differences between the two versions, they are virtually the same. Most of our clients are using version 1 thus updating them to version 2 could result in incompatibilities on their end.

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