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14 Jun 2019

Good day! As part of our commitment to provide our services with never ending process of improvement, we are announcing that we have moved our Client Area To . All services from old url will be redirected to new url including its services. If you encounter any issues with relation to this move, please contact us immediately for support. Thank you!

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10 Oct 2015

Hi, Right from the start, we are always committed on providing the best  Shoutcast  and  Icecast  Servers using a reliable, state of the art and latest backbone servers and network. Because of this commitment, we are proud to announce that our servers got a 100% up-time for more than a year now hence, providing our clients uninterrupted radio streaming for their listeners worldwide!...

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7 Oct 2015

Good news! We have added skrill as an alternative payment gateway to pay your bills. Best regards.

15 Dec 2014

  Happy Holidays From YesStreaming At this joyous time of year, we are grateful for our service with you as the best Shoutcast and Icecast server with AutoDJ. As our...

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25 Oct 2014

Greetings yesstreaming Users, Please be informed especially clients who are at S1 Server( that we are migrating the said server to a new, stable and much more powerful server to provide a great service. We don't see any problems at S1 Server however, in-lined with our commitment to our clients the best service possible, we want to have the best servers. Please note...

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9 Feb 2014

Greetings! We have updated our Shoutcast and Icecast Plans to be more competitive! All plans will now have 1000listeners,Unlimited Bandwidth, 1-10GB AutoDJ and 24-128 kbps. Prices start at $6.55 for both Shoutcast and Icecast Plans. Please note that, our 50% discount coupon will no longer valid on Shoutcast and Icecast plans. Thank you!

25 Jan 2014

Yessstreaming is offering 50% OFF LIFETIME promotion For Limited Time the service is open to new members… Promo code : YESS2014

24 Jan 2014

Want to test out our service? We are confident that our service is the fastest and most reliable stream hosting provider that is why we are offering a free trial period for 3 days just to see what we are capable of. To obtain this free trial period, you have to order any  Shoutcast  or  Icecast  Plans and input  YESFREETRIAL on the promotional coupon code during...

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18 Jan 2014

From starting phase upto the success, We will be there for you and happy to assist you anytime. We are the fastest in industry!