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HTML5 Player PRO Version 1 (Legacy) Documentation

Note: If you've purchased the player on/or after April 1, 2021, or you opt to upgrade to version 2 then refer here for the Version 2 documentation.

Once your order and payment are confirmed, a username and password will be given to you at the product details page:

To access and configure your player including instructions on how to embed it to your site you must login here:

The screenshot below is the settings you must configure for the player to work. If your radio is not hosted by us, please direct any questions to your host to get the best possible response when inputting the correct information needed.

  1. URL - This is the stream URL that directly broadcasts your stream into a browser. The player only works with SSL enabled URL that starts with "HTTPS://". Please note: This setting is mostly the culprit of the player not playing or displaying metadata. Please ensure that you are using a working URL. 
  2. Platform - Select the type of server you are using for your stream.
  3. Mountpoint - this is usually set to "stream" but others can have a custom one.
  4. Autoplay - Select if you want the player to autoplay on your webpage or not.
  5. Station Name - Enter here your station name to be displayed on the player.
  6. Show Listeners - Select if you want to display the number of listeners currently connected to your stream.
  7. Enable HTTPS - This is enabled by default as most modern browsers do not support non-SSL URLs. Otherwise, this is still an option for you if you want to.
  8. CORS proxy - Enter here the proxy URL which can be provided by some stream providers to access details of the tracks being displayed on the player to prevent CORS policy from blocking it. Know more about CORS here.
  9. iTunes Partner Token - The player automatically fetches album covers thru iTunes api if you have a partner token. Otherwise, the player will try to look for other available resources to get the exact album image of the tracks.
  10. Default Image - Here you can upload a default album image if the player is unsuccessful in fetching an album image.

Current Limitations:

Our player works 100% of the time if correct information was provided.

  1. The player only works with a secured SSL-enabled and non-proxy stream URL. The stream URL might be SSL secured however if it is a proxy then the result would be the stream will be broadcasted but the details about the track will only show "LOADING...".
  2. It is built with HTML5 and relies heavily on jQuery. Other scripts on your website may or may not affect the player to function properly. In other words, there could be incompatibilities when the player is added to a web page thus could throw errors like the player is blank, track information is not displaying correctly and etc.
  3. The history widget is not compatible with Modernizr Javascript Library.

If you are using Wordpress. We have developed a helper plugin to add the player and other widgets the best way possible. Know more here.

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