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butt (broadcast using this tool) is an easy to use, multi OS streaming tool.
It supports SHOUTcast and Icecast and runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.
The main purpose of butt is to stream live audio data from your computers Mic or Line input
to an Shoutcast or Icecast server. Recording is also possible.
It is NOT intended to be a server by itself or automatically stream a set of audio files.


  • Works with SHOUTcast and Icecast
  • Runs on all three major operating systems. Mac OS X, Linux and Windows up to 10
  • Supports aac+, mp3, ogg/vorbis and ogg/opus for streaming
  • Supports aac+, mp3, ogg/vorbis, ogg/opus, flac and wav for recording
  • Is able to connect to a server after starting up automatically
  • Is able to start a recording after connecting to a server automatically
  • Recording can be split after a user defined amount of time
  • Current song can either be updated manually or automatically by reading a file
  • Configuration files can be imported and exported
  • Status display shows infos about the current state (click on it)
  • Automatically reconnects in case the connection was interrupted
  • Has a VU Meter with peak hold
  • Is able to attentuate and amplify the input volume
  • Display colors can be changed as desired



What is AltaCast? It started as a continuation of the Oddcast/Edcast streaming software that can stream to either Icecast or SHOUTcast servers.

The current version of AltaCast Standalone, Winamp and Foobar plugins is 1.0. A 2.0 version is planned for the future that will be SHOUTcast v2 compatible. For a list of features, see the AltaCast page.

configuration 300x256 - What are the encoders i can use for live
shoutcast dsp plug in 21 - What are the encoders i can use for live

In order to broadcast to a running SHOUTcast server, you need the SHOUTcast Source DSP Plug-in for WinAmp. It’s a piece of software which adds SHOUTcast broadcast ability to the Winamp software. The DSP Plug-in acts as a bridge between your Winamp software and a SHOUTcast DNAS server.

83619f - What are the encoders i can use for live


Edcast (previously known as oddcast – which has no affiliation or relation to the software “Oddcast” made by “Oddcast Inc.”) is a broadcasting application targeted to the small station owner. There are three different flavors of Edcast: a Winamp plugin, a Foobar plugin, and a standalone broadcaster.

CasterX Encoder  
CasterX is an advanced multi-stream audio encoder. Supports Windows Media, SHOUTcast and Icecast through WMA, MP3, AAC and OGG encoders. It features realtime statistics, live metadata and multiple sources (up to 4 audio devices). Includes XAP LE, a low-latency software DSP and CasterXstats, a plugin to manage audience statistics from different sources.
Orban Opticodec-PC
Encoder for HE-AAC/aacPlus v2 streams. Stream to Icecast, Shoutcast,
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