Use filezilla or any FTP Client you prefer


FTP Hostname: ip
FTP Username: Your cp username
FTP Password: (Your administrator password)
port : must be 21
please upload all your files in media folder

** auto dj Auto Connect
in your encoder **please change the port number
as Described in Control panel Quick links

Encoder settings
Protocol: SHOUTcast (v1)
Server hostname: ip
Server port:
Bit rate:
Password: source password

stop the server and in settings go to autodj and enable the autodj
now go to media there you can see all the uploaded files
now drag and drop to the playlist on the left side
on the play list you can see the playlist time
now start the server

* – if there are no songs added to the playlist you cannot start the server, it will give you a error message and the server will not start.

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