How to Add Your Stream to Shoutcast Directory

Go to

1 Open your web browser and navigate to
Sign Up for a Free Basic Account:

2 Click on the "Sign Up" or "Register" button.
Follow the prompts to create a free basic account.
Create Your Radio Profile:

3 Log in to your Shoutcast account.
Navigate to the Shoutcast dashboard or settings.
Create your radio profile by providing necessary details and uploading a logo.
Save your radio profile.
Access Station Settings:

4 In your Shoutcast account dashboard, locate the station you created.
Click on the station to access its settings.
Find AuthHash:

5 Within the station settings, look for the "Settings" menu.
Click on the "Settings" menu to expand it.
Navigate to the "Advanced" tab.
Locate your AuthHash in the Advanced settings.
Configure Your Radio Control Panel:

6 Access your radio control panel or broadcasting software.
Navigate to the "Mount Points" or "Advanced" tab for the channel/stream you want to add to Shoutcast.
Paste AuthHash and Enable Public:

7 Paste the AuthHash copied from your Shoutcast account into the appropriate field in your radio control panel.
Enable the "Public" option in your Shoutcast settings or radio control panel.
Save or apply the changes.

Note: For Everestcast and everestpanel Users:

If you are using Everestcast, follow similar steps.
Access the "Channels" section in Everestcast./panel
Navigate to the "Advanced" settings for the channel/stream.
Paste the AuthHash and enable the "Public" option.
Save or apply the changes.
By following these steps, you should be able to successfully add your stream to the Shoutcast directory or Everestcast channels.

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